We'll help your market readiness, provide guidance, mentorship, connection to the U.S. startup ecosystem and more

Is your startup ready to expand to U.S. market?

more than physical space

Networking power of 300+ European founders, U.S. tech entrepreneurs, professionals and investors

Event space presentations, Demo Days and pitch nights, meetups, conferences, startup events


more than accelerator

Starta Accelerator : 3.5 months program run twice a year

Ongoing programs for startups 

Educational sessions, guidance and mentorship

Business immersion into U.S. startup/tech ecosystem

Office Space

Resource Center

more than co-working space

New York headquarters for European startup community

"Soft landing" space for startups launching in U.S. and a community of peers, partners, investor and service providers


Virtual Office NYC (Mailing Address)

Office space in NYC for 1 week

Strategy: Weekly guidance with Starta partners on finding product/market fit in the U.S.

1 session/mo on Product

1 session/mo on Sales

1 session/mo on Marketing

1 session/mo on Pitch

Permanent Desk


We have already built a platform to help European founders expand to the U.S. - Starta Accelerator 

Now, we’ve created a product for those who don’t fit in accelerator terms

Use address as headquarters (on the website, business cards, etc), mailing address

Office for international startups when they are in New York (max. 5 days/month)




our $130K investment in exchange for 7% equity in your company 


you pay 2% equity+program fee

Ongoing enrollment

Online format

Next batch: Jan 8, 2018

Offline format (in NYC)



Full Launch Package +

Setting up in the U.S.: Culture and communication; accounting, taxation and banking; U.S. visa and immigration for startupers  

Biz Dev, Sales & Marketing: Building sales system, funnel and inbound marketing, channel marketing; building strategic partnerships and relationship management, corporate-startup cooperation; PR strategy; hiring

Product Development: Getting to Product/Market fit, product management, software development cycles, AI strategy

Fundraising: Common practices in U.S., Term sheet explained, VC negotiations, planning exit strategy early on

Speaker Series: Series of speaker sessions and Q&A with successful entrepreneurs who made it big

1:1 strategy sessions with top industry mentors (from Microsoft Ventures, IBM, serial entrepreneurs and VCs)

Weekly pitch sessions + happy hour networking

PR coverage in the U.S.

Fundraising assistance: 1:1 pitch sessions with Starta network of angel investors and VCs

Demo Day after the program

Office space for International Startups and busy locals.

Hot Desk: Provided office desk or a seat on a first come, first served basis.

Use of Event Space.

Application Close on June 30, 2017


(Full accelerator program)


We will issue one month refund if you get accepted into the Full Accelerator program


Ongoing enrollment

Offline format (in NYC)

billed annually

Virtual Office NYC (Mailing Address)

Office space in NYC

Visa, legal and accounting assistance

Strategy: Weekly guidance with Starta partners on finding product/market fit in the U.S.

Hiring Assistance

4 sessions/mo on Product

4 sessions/mo on Sales

4 sessions/mo on Marketing

4 sessions/mo on Pitch

Networking opportunities and free access to various startup/VC events in the NYC startup community

Accelerator Perks - credits for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc

Virtual Desk


We will issue one month refund if you get accepted into the Full Accelerator program

Office for international startups when they are in New York (unlimited)

Use of Conference rooms, Events space

Floating Desk


Don’t give up a lot of equity for an accelerator program if you are post-revenue or later stage

We offer guidance, tools, networking, best partner deals (credits for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc)

Act fast

Value your equity

Don’t waste your time waiting until the program starts, we can give you all the tools right now


Get all the perks

"Over the past 14 weeks with Starta we were able to get a product / market fit and our first clients. It totally changed the trajectory of Kuoll and brings much satisfaction. Looking forward to reach new heights.

For those who are considering participating, Starta Accelerator is definitely worth it! A very productive level of stress, pressure and support. And the network is sufficient to show early traction!"


"Every technology company (especially a startup) should try to make it in the U.S. It's like getting out of the sandbox. Yes, there is a risk of failing and having to go back, but you will definitely grow up. Without exaggeration, 14 weeks at Starta Accelerator gave our team more than we received in Russia over the past 1.5 years in terms of product, strategy, and outlook. Thank you, Alexey Girin and Ekaterina Dorozhkina!"

CEO, Bino

CEO, Kuoll

"During the 14 weeks at Starta Accelerator we successfully launched and got our first clients in the U.S., the most advanced, biggest and highly competitive market. It is difficult only when you don’t understand the "rules of the game,” and Starta Accelerator was the right partner for us to make it happen."

CEO, Zubmill

Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. 

The mission of Starta Accelerator is to empower International frontier technology companies through exposing them to USA market.

The program was customized for International founders aiming to adapt to cultural and business environment in the U.S.A., complete and define product/market fit, get traction and become part of local startup and investing ecosystem in the U.S.A..

Starta Accelerator adds value through developing Tech Business competencies in the U.S. business environment during 3.5 months in New York. 

We hire top U.S. professionals who act as part-time team members for startups during the program.