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credit bureau and banking systems) to different, external and internal scoring engines. Risk department can test external scoring engines on the top of the current ones and choose the best, based on the actual results. Thus, will improve the accuracy and make the credit process automated and convenient

bNesis combines multiple payment, eCommerce, credit bureau, scoring, social media and banking systems with all their functionality into a single solution, using their APIs. Instead of connecting necessary systems separately, wasting a lot of time and money on each of them, our customers need to connect bNesis only. In result, they will save time and money on integrations and their support. With bNesis, banks get ready to use credit application platform. Any borrower (including enterprises) can easily apply for a credit online in several clicks. At the website or in the app of the bank, the borrower gives the consent to analyze his expenses, income or any other data by just simple typing his login and password. Data from accounts in other banks, eCommerce platforms, social media, credit bureau and payment systems will be analyzed by multiple scoring engines. Credit decision will be made in minutes and automatically. Choosing the best scoring systems and providing them with an access to multiple sources of data with accurate metrics, increases the credit scoring accuracy rate. The bank will have less bad debts, will simplify the whole credit application process and will make it more convenient. Thus, bank will generate better interest margin and income

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