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Access to Success Within The Venture Capital Market

A Complete Ecosystem for Trendsetting Venture Investing


Deal by deal investment.
Invest in the startup of your choice; sourced and ran through rigorous due diligence by professional, venture investors.


No-management fee (hybrid) venture fund.
Investment thesis centered around cutting edge European tech startups.

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Liqvest provides access to promising projects & closed venture deals backed by professional investors.

Myriad Capital

Myriad - thesis driven cryptocurrency hedge fund

why us?

We Invest in early stage technological innovations with global adaptable business models.

From seed to scale. Our accelerator in New York helps our portfolio companies develop adapt and grow.

We have a proven method to select strong, motivated teams with leadership capacity in Europe and US.

Our innovative hybrid fund model provides for transparency and liquidity that has not been in the veture ecosystem before.

Our Story

Starta Capital was launched in 2013 as Russia’s first seed-stage venture capital fund. Two years later, Starta had gone global, and by 2017, the fund had launched not one, but three unique ventures in the United States, all coming under the banner of the Starta Ventures brand.

The fund’s first cross-border project was Starta Accelerator, a New York based three-month crash course program for European founders designed to help them grow, develop and incubate their businesses. The goal of the program, besides building growth is to attract follow on financing from NY’s ecosystem of VC and angel investors.

Since its launch in 2015, over 70 companies have successfully gone through the acceleration program.

Starta’s Hybrid Fund, launched in 2018, is built on an innovative model and has architecture open to new investors.

In June 2018, Starta became a founding partner and investor in Myriad Capital Partners LP - a thesis driven crypto fund.


"Best Newcomer to NABA"

National Association of Business-Angels Award 2014

"Seed Fund of the Year"

National Venture Industry Award 2014

"Breakthrough of the year"

Russian Venture Capital Association 2015