Starta Ventures Industrial Hemp Track

Ongoing 6-month residency program for innovative hemp-based products & startups entering the US market

Turnkey solutions for creating and growing your
hemp brand in the US
Starta Ventures and Agrihemp Industries have launched a hemp Track to serve as expert partners to hemp & CBD-based startups. AgriHemp Industries is a Pennsylvania headquartered company specializing in the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing of hemp derived CBD ingredients and finished products. Our HempTrack brings together startup expertise with Agrihemp's industry expertise. This offers international Hemp based startups an unprecedented advantage in their entry into the US hemp market - projected to hit $20 billion in sales by 2024. Leaning on us as your partner will allow you to focus on what's important for you: building your business and growing your customer base.

You Should Join if:
You have an innovative CBD/Hemp product
You are looking for facilities to launch and produce in the US
You need a partner with regulatory and licencing expertise
You need a network of local hemp/CBD professionals

We've Got You Covered:
Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

To start a cannabis business in the US, you must have legal support. Strata Ventures partnered-up with a fully licensed production facility, that will help you to obtain:

  • necessary licenses
  • permits
  • marketing authorization approvals as your US business continues to grow
Manufacturing Facilities
  • Access to an industrial hemp grow and extraction facility
  • Isolation services for a variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBG, and more
  • Availability of crude, distillate, flower, or consumer product
Office & Lab Space in Manhattan
  • Proprietary processing / extraction labs
  • Research facilities, greenhouses, hemp farms and drying barns
  • Lab on 5th avenue and office space in Manhattan
Local Expertise
Complete vertical integration with the highest quality control for all our hemp CBD products
Testing Facilities
  • Access to Accredited Testing labs at discounted cost for testing at all stages of product ideation
  • Certification of finished products meet regulatory requirements

Starta Network & Partner Perks
  • Access to Starta Network
  • Credits/discounts for AWS, Hubspot, Microsoft, etc
  • Consultations with Starta Ventures Partners
Track Record of Startup Expertise
8 batches, 115 companies, 234 founders
Still crushing it
Total of $50M+ raised by Starta alumni
Startups with US-based revenue
CBD Coaches & Mentors
Your future part-time team members
Venture Partner
Communications and Pitching
Enterprise Sales
B2B Sales
Sales Strategy
Growth Hacking
Business Development & Strategy
Product Marketing
Tax & Compliance