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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”


“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” - we believe this Steve Jobs’ mantra can, and should be, applied to both sides of the equation: founders and investors.

Encouraged by the success of our first annual report “Hybrid Capital. The Future of Venture in the ICO Era in 2017” we are once again offering our perspective on the latest market trends.

With the proliferation of the billion dollar plus VC fund; with the normalization of multi-billion dollar investment rounds; with valuations that are typically reserved for the public markets - we sought out to learn what chance the smaller investor has to compete in today’s ecosystem.

The first part of the book examines the sustainability of the traditional venture capital model and explores the advantages smaller, more agile funds have over the VC giants.

The VC as a service model (VCaaS) concept gets a closeup look as does the growing influence of social impact & diversity investing and the digitalization and automatization of the traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Our goal was to make this simple and understandable while gaining a more well-rounded and fuller understanding of our vision, so we invited top industry players to share their expertise and knowledge. We also asked our interviewees very basic and common questions that we hope reveal real, raw underlying market tendencies and not far-fetched mundane speculation or wild guesses.

The second part of the book provides full interviews with our contributors such as Charlie O’Donnell (Brooklyn Bridge Ventures), Eveline Buchatskiy (One Way Ventures), Susan Danzinger ( Ziggeo), Joanne Wilson (Gotham Girl), Sergey Solonin (CEO QIWI), Jennifer Litorja (CryptoOracle), John Siracusa (Podcast “Bank On It”), and Scott Lynn (Founder of Masterworks).

We ask our readers to dive in and join us in our exploration. Even though we offer our own vision on the discussions in this book, we invite you to try to read between the lines and share your feedback with us.