Ongoing 6-month residency program for BioTech startups entering the US market
Starta Bio Ventures developed an acceleration program that brings together bright life sciences professionals and breakthrough health innovations, to build strong teams and launch new companies globally from our launchpad in New York

You Should Join if You Aim to:
Сapitalize on the cultural and business environment in the global Health and Life Sciences industry
Сomplete market fit and get traction
Develop commercialization and business strategy
Become part of New York City life sciences startup and investing ecosystem

We've Got You Covered:
Relocation & Immigration Support
We understand the way immigration laws work and our experience working with international founders allows us to stay on top of the best current practices
6-week Acceleration Program
Participating founders are brought to New York City for an intensive 6-month acceleration program. During the program, startup team incorporates the company structured for possible investment, assesses commercialization potential, develops a commercialization strategy, and acts on the strategy through a developed action plan.

Office & Fully Equipped Lab Space in Manhattan
Participating founders get access to Starta's office and laboratory space in Manhattan. Starta's office can also be used for business registration and operational needs.
US Market Opprortunities
Given the lack of capital markets nor suitable ecosystems for healthcare innovations in the CIS region, we are aiming to source severely undervalued and overlooked innovations with high commercialization potential, urgent unmet medical need, patient centricity, and globally scalable products and services.

Our mission is to enable and invest in brilliant and determined health and life sciences professionals to build global ventures from the ground up. This program is aimed to expand on our previous success in acceleration to life sciences startups to the Kingdom and GCC region.

Starta Network & Partner Perks
Partner perks (such as credits/discounts for AWS, Hubspot, Microsoft, etc ). Access to Starta Alumni events & Investor Summits. Media & PR Support.

Track Record of Startup Expertise
8 batches, 115 companies, 234 founders
You are in good company
Still crushing it
Total of $50M+ raised by Starta alumni
Startups with US-based revenue
Your future part-time team members
Venture Partner

Dr. Sergei Petukhov, is a seasoned biotech investor, board member / board observer on number of private and public biotech companies.

Sergei has an extensive experience in generating a highly profitable deal-flow pipeline by investing in early stage assets. He participated in Series A/B biotechnology investments and led the development of startup companies to the successful “unicorn” IPO and M&A exits valued at over $2B.

He took board positions at EV’s portfolio companies including: Seres Therapeutics ($1.9B IPO), Axcella ($459.8M IPO), Egalet ($167M IPO) Cavion ($321.2M M&A), Galera Therapeutics ($310M IPO), Cellectar Biosciences, NeuroVia and Monet Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to EV, Dr. Petukhov was a Managing Director at CLS Capital and was an advisor at Kaye Scholer LLP for a number of US and EU pharmaceutical companies on matters related to IP and patent litigation.

Dr. Petukhov worked at RUSNANO PE/VC fund aimed at commercializing developments in nanotechnology.

Dr. Petukhov worked and studied at The Rockefeller University, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Cambridge, Moscow 1st Medical Academy and Moscow Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology.

Venture Partner

Dr. Gaymalov is an experienced healthcare innovation leader with a passion for translating early-stage research into clinical practice.

Dr. Gaymalov’s scientific background includes critical research and development roles of increasing responsibility across the healthcare and life sciences product development spectrum, from pre-clinical research to clinical development of treatments, drugs, medical devices, and software applications.

He is the inventor of a DNA-based gene treatment of ischemic conditions, and with a team of physicians and scientists at UNMC, he perfected the polymer-based gene therapy of hind limb ischemia that accelerated its adoption in clinical practice today.

Gaymalov is the inventor of a commercial assessment methodology (ICANVAS®️) that is currently used by NASA, DARPA, NIST, and Fortune 500 companies. He is also a co-inventor of a reverse conceptual product engineering methodology (RECOPE®️) for developing commercialization strategies to bring healthcare innovations from academia to market without compromising the academic ingenuity practiced by esteemed healthcare organizations like University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, and others. Last but not least, Dr. Gaymalov founded several healthcare startups that developed pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutraceutical, cosmetics, wellness, and digital health products.

Participation Terms
  • $5K program participation fee
  • 2% equity
  • Follow-on investment rights to be negotiated with each company at entry
  • No equity upfront,
  • $10K per month (6 months total)
  • Follow-on investment rights to be negotiated with each company at entry
Acceleration Program Structure
Stage: Launch
Focus: Relocation, Company Set-Up, Commercialization Strategy, Communication Practices

Participants introduction to the Program and Life in NYC
  • Relocation guidance, introductory workshops
  • Guidance on rapidly adapting to local business practices and regulations
Kickoff Event
  • Get a feel of the local ecosystem, meet Starta family and present your business
Starta Partners Weekly One-to-One Strategy Sessions
  • Develop a clear, long term-vision and roadmap of your US market business strategy
Matching with an EIR
  • Connect with an industry specific advisor, that will guide you through your journey and help make the right connections
Healthcare Intellectual Property Commercialization Continuum and Global Implementation Practices
  • Understand the commercialization continuum process and commercialization of IP-dominated healthcare and life sciences products and services
Healthcare IP-based Business Model Generation
  • Generate business models for IP-heavy commercialization projects and ventures.
Value Proposition Development in Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Develop products and services that stakeholders need and want.
Healthcare Commercialization Strategy Development
  • Accelerate early-stage healthcare opportunities to a market, through reverse conceptual product engineering methodology
Healthcare Product Development Accelerator
  • A multi-day design and customer discovery workshop dedicated to process for answering critical business questions through rapid cycles of design, prototyping, and testing ideas with stakeholders and end-users.
Product-Market Fit Boost
  • Obtain feedback from potential customers, consultation, adapt pricing and business model.
          Stage: Acceleration
          Focus: Traction, Investor Feedback & Relations, Strategic Partnerships

          Communications and Pitch Coaching
          • Develop a clear pitch for your product globally and learn to communicate effectively
          • Cultural differences and communication tips in the healthcare
          Weekly Pitch Contests
          • A weekly opportunity to practice your pitch in front of an expert judge panel of healthcare and life science industry experts
          • Legal, Accounting & Hiring Support Office hours with mentors, avoid mistakes and pitfalls common amongst international founders
          Negotiating a Perfect Deal
          • Focus on the various aspects of raising the capital and structuring investments with private equity and venture capital firms
          • Workshop on structuring terms of the deal and negotiation techniques
          Fireside Chats
          • Experiences and business journeys of successful American entrepreneurs
          Investor Feedback
          • 1-1 meetings with our circle of investors in NYC to get initial response and establish connection
          Marketing Plan and Go-to-Market Strategy
          • Expert mentor guidance to test drive marketing channels
          Key Business Workshops (2-3 per week)
          • Sales, Marketing, Fundraising
          Strategic Partnerships
          • Learn best local outreach practices and start working on building local partnerships
          Demo Day & Investor Summit Events
          • Pitch your company to VCs & angels, as well as potential clients and partners
          Coaches & Mentors
          Your future part-time team members
          Venture Partner
          Venture Partner
          Communications and Pitching
          Enterprise Sales
          B2B Sales
          Sales Strategy
          Growth Hacking
          Business Development & Strategy
          Product Marketing
          Tax & Compliance