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Suretly offers people an absolutely new kind of investment alternative - "crowdvouching"​. Crowdvouching is the practice of financially securing a loan repayment by vouching monetary contributions from a large number of people. Unlike P2P lending, Suretly users (vouchers) do not lend money directly to the borrowers but guarantee to repay the loan to the lender in case of borrower's default.

Vouchers act as a collective mind in order to determine whether to approve loans or not. Each voucher approval serves like an insurance of the loan capped at $10 USD per borrower. In order for the loan to be approved, the entire loan amount should be guaranteed by the big pool of vouchers.
Suretly connects lenders, borrowers and vouchers providing the following benefits:
1. eliminating default risk for lenders while expanding the loan portfolio due to higher loan approval.
2. decreasing the loan interest rate for borrowers.
3. providing an investment opportunity for a market segment that was unable to invest before.

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Eugene Lobachev

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